Friday, May 27, 2016
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The PPE is not the primary election it is a preference election, in which registered voters of participating, recognized political parties cast their vote for who they want the Arizona delegates to vote for at the party's national convention. Participation is voluntary and parties may or may not choose to participate. Only voters registered with the recognized participating political parties may vote in the PPE. This is how recognized political parties elect their candidates.

Secretary of State Michelle Regan reminds voters that " It is important to remember, Arizona's "open Primary" provisions do not apply to the presidential preference election. In order to cast a ballot in the March 22nd election, "independents" must be registered with a political party by February 22, 2015.

Many Graham County voters have shifted their preference from casting their vote in a traditional polling place to casting early ballots. Graham County is committed to improving the voting experience and has therefore determined that vote centers would be a welcome option rather than going to a specified location to cast their vote on Election Day.

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Beginning in August, 2014 Graham County voters will be able to go to any of the six designated vote centers to cast their vote.

A voter can choose the most convenient vote center either by their home, close to work or on the way to do errands. Voter look up is quick and simple. The Poll Worker can simply scan a driver license to bring up the voter record.

For a list of vote center/polling locations click the Election Information button below then click the Polling Place Locator button.

A PRIMARY ELECTION is the process used by political parties to nominate their candidates to run in the general election. Each party must decide which of its candidates has the best chance of winning the general election over competing parties. In a primary election party members run against each other to gain nomination. In the United States, this means that Republicans run against Republicans and Democrats run against Democrats in primary elections.

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Arizona is an open primary state, which means if you are not a registered member of a recognized party you may choose the party you wish to vote for in the primary.

A primary election is one of the most important phases of an election. A primary is the main way a voter gets to know the candidates and what their platform is. It is essential to vote in the primary election to help ensure your candidate gets to the general election.

A GENERAL ELECTION is the opportunity for voters to elect who will represent them for the next term. Voters will elect various offices including President, Senate, Congress, state, county, local, school, special districts and precinct officers.

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Presidential Preference Election March 22, 2016
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  Last Day to Register for Presidential Preference Election February 22, 2016
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